Climate change what can i do to help?
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What exactly is climate change?

The Importance of Climate Change

Climate change is a buzzword that may affect. On how we do and are in the coming decades, either directly or indirectly. What exactly is it?

Throughout Earth’s and human history, climate conditions have changed. There have been three periods in Earth’s history when the…

Meditation can help you relax and find inner peace by removing stress from your day.
See how quickly you can learn to meditate when you most need.

Consider practicing meditation if stress causes you to feel anxious, tense, and worried. Even a few minutes of meditation can help you regain your calm and inner peace.

Everyone can meditate. It is simple and inexpensive, and no special equipment is required.

And you can meditate wherever you are —…

Bitcoin grow up

Why is the growing demand for bitcoins and their spectacular rise in value, from $10,000 in early December 2020 to over $40,000 in the first week of 2021?

The bitcoin had never quoted so high, although in late 2017 there was a bubble that made it reach almost twenty thousand…

Green energy

Renewable energy is expensive, unreliable, means mass murder for wildlife, destroys landscapes, destabilizes the electricity grid, harms indigenous peoples, and damages the environment.

Thus, a comprehensive study by researchers from the United States and Ireland, published in the journal Energies, entitled Energy and Climate Policy: Estimating the Cost of Climate…

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